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Monday, October 13, 2008

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Buying something just for its image.
There is a lot of advertisement in Malaysia. One day, I am attracted to some advertising about product if skin solution. I look that image very interested and I hope when I use the product, my pace will become like the model of the product. The product image like wonderful and using the pink colour as a team colour. My impression, the product can give me become beautiful and my skin looking fairer, smoother and firmer to the touch. So, every day I will collect my money until enough suppose I buy the product. But after I tried the product, the result gives me disappointed because not suitable with my skin. So, now I will never trust any advertisement just for its it image.

When I was 7 years old, I learned a great lesson from my parent. That was the day when I was riding my bicycle. Every day, my favorite activity is riding a bicycle. I will ride my bicycle with my friend around the village. Sometimes, we will ride bicycle in high speed or maybe speeding in a race between us. My parent always advise me but I never listened to their advises. For me, I had a lot of fun doing whatever I like with my bicycle.
One day, when we enjoyed in a race. Unfortunately, my bicycle has punctured. To make it worse, I couldn’t handle my bicycle properly. Suddenly, my bicycle went straight to the drain including myself. It was a painful moment for me because I had severe injuries all over my body. It was an unforgettable accident. What I have learnt from this incident was as a child, we must listen to the eldest especially our parent because they have their own reasons on why they prohibit us from doing that they don’t like.

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"Apabila Allah pertemukn seseorang yang menambat hatinya,

dia lupa pada Allah, dia terburu-buru cuba memenangi hati

dia biarpun banyak masa dibazirkn,

hatinya diselebungi khayalan dr Allah,

Cinta kerana nafsu sering dianggap cinta kerana Allah,

itulah manusia dan liciknya syaitan yang memperdaya,

cinta Allah tidak mengecewakan,

cintanya sentiasa membawa kebahagiaan kepada hati, perasaan dan kehidupan.

Oleh itu, marilah kita menjadi wanita yg bisa mengetuk kelalaian lelaki dari terpesona dengan fitnah wanita.

Cinta perlu dihijab dengan iman dan khasyatullah kerana Allah jadikan cinta sebagai satu ujian.

Bersamalah mujahadah menjaga hati!"