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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The avant-garde :
1.new and very modern ideas in art, music or literature that are sometimes surprising or shocking.
2. a group of artist, who introduce new and very modern ideas.

Question : find how meaning for so, and for each meaning.

· Used to emphasize an adjective or adverb, especially when this produce a particular result. Example: He was driving so fast that he couldn’t stop.

· Used in negative sentences for comparing people or thing. Example: she’s not so clever as we thought.

· Used in place of something that has been said already, to avoid repeating it. Example : are you coming by plane? If so, I can meet you at the airport.

· Not with verb in the negative also, too. Example : he’s a teacher and so is his wife.

· Used to show that you agree that sth is true, especially when you are surprised. Example : it’s getting late. So it is. We’d better go.

· (formal) used when you are showing in this way, like this. Example : It was a black insect, about so big.

· With the result that, therefore. Example : She felt very tired so she went to bed early.

· With the purpose that, in order that. Example : She wore dark glasses so nobody would recognize her.

· Used to show how one part of a story follows another. Example : so what happen next?

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"Apabila Allah pertemukn seseorang yang menambat hatinya,

dia lupa pada Allah, dia terburu-buru cuba memenangi hati

dia biarpun banyak masa dibazirkn,

hatinya diselebungi khayalan dr Allah,

Cinta kerana nafsu sering dianggap cinta kerana Allah,

itulah manusia dan liciknya syaitan yang memperdaya,

cinta Allah tidak mengecewakan,

cintanya sentiasa membawa kebahagiaan kepada hati, perasaan dan kehidupan.

Oleh itu, marilah kita menjadi wanita yg bisa mengetuk kelalaian lelaki dari terpesona dengan fitnah wanita.

Cinta perlu dihijab dengan iman dan khasyatullah kerana Allah jadikan cinta sebagai satu ujian.

Bersamalah mujahadah menjaga hati!"