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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

my experience with flow

My flow of life is very complicated. It gives me varies experiences to what I am now. I started my first education in primary school at Kuala Nerang, Kedah. I was an excellent student among my other friends in primary school. I got A’s in every subject that I took in the examination. My parent was very proud of my result. But, after I was in secondary school, my performance in study began to fall apart, I was not as excellent as I was in primary school. My result for PMR was so disappointing. I had disappointed both my parents. I took it for granted and never looked into my studies after every class that I had attended. It made me felt so bad. Sometimes I felt like giving up. But my parents never scolded me for that, they always gave their full support and encouragement to me in order for me to move on with my next life especially in education. For me, I had my own principle in life. “If no pain, there’ll be no gain, once I fall, it doesn’t mean that I’ll fall forever. But it’s the best start towards success and glory.” After I got my result for SPM, it went out well. My result was in flying colors. I got 11A’s and I was the best student in my school at that year of SPM examination. I was honoured by the headmistress, Madame Rafidah. She was the one who was so overwhelmed with excitation after she knew about my result. After all, she was the one I met when I failed for my PMR examination. She never wanted me to loss spirits in studying. Until now, her words have never slipped my mind and it is always unambiguous. “Aim high and go for it, never turn yourself to failure.” She always gave her full support as if I was her flesh and blood daughter. Aiming high and hard working had been very worth it to me. Everyone has their abilities to gain success including myself. Once in a while, we can’t run from making mistakes in life. For me, mistakes are also the heart and soul of success. But the most important thing is that, I had learned from my mistakes and that had made many differences in my life. Plus, I have successfully proved that I also have the ability to be success just like anyone else in this world.

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:: Lidah Penghunus ::


"Apabila Allah pertemukn seseorang yang menambat hatinya,

dia lupa pada Allah, dia terburu-buru cuba memenangi hati

dia biarpun banyak masa dibazirkn,

hatinya diselebungi khayalan dr Allah,

Cinta kerana nafsu sering dianggap cinta kerana Allah,

itulah manusia dan liciknya syaitan yang memperdaya,

cinta Allah tidak mengecewakan,

cintanya sentiasa membawa kebahagiaan kepada hati, perasaan dan kehidupan.

Oleh itu, marilah kita menjadi wanita yg bisa mengetuk kelalaian lelaki dari terpesona dengan fitnah wanita.

Cinta perlu dihijab dengan iman dan khasyatullah kerana Allah jadikan cinta sebagai satu ujian.

Bersamalah mujahadah menjaga hati!"